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2024 International Creative Papers Conference & Olympic



ICPC (International Creative Papers Conference) and Olympic is an academic conference where domestic and foreign researchers present their creative research. The purpose is to publish and exchange excellent papers by world scholars who will play a pivotal role in the knowledge economy.


The ICPC, which aims to lead the ESG convergence conference of world science and technology and economic activity by publishing creative and autonomous research and study thesis, is an international conference in which 20 countries participate. It is an international academic event jointly held by the Invention Association and domestic and foreign universities and societies.


In addition, published materials are published in ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) international standard publications and research results are given.

ICPC (International Creative Papers Conference)는 국·내외 연구자들이 창의적인 연구물을 발표하는 학술대회로 학생 및 기업인들이 단독 또는 공동으로 연구한 창의적인 우수한 논문(발명논문, 학술논문 등)을 발표하는 컨퍼런스로 과학기술과 지식경제의 중추적 역할을 수행할 세계 석학들의 우수한 논문을 발표 및 교류하는데 목적이 있다.


창의적이고 자율적인 연구 및 학습 논문을 발표하여 세계 과학기술과 경제활동의 ESG 융합 컨퍼런스를 이끌어 가고자 하는 ICPC는 세계 20여개 국가에서 참가하는 국제대회로 WIIPA 세계창의지식재산총연맹, 한국브레인협력단과 한국대학발명협회 그리고 국내·외 대학과 학회 공동으로 개최하는 국제학술행사입니다.


또한 발표된 자료는 ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) 국제표준 간행물에 발간하여 연구 실적을 부여합니다.

Academic Schedule

Announcement Contest

Document Application


Classification Review

Presentation of a thesis

>Seminar (Forums)

Oct 10 (Thu) 2023

~ Dec 20 (Wed) 2023

Dec 21(Thur) ~ Dec 30(Sat), 2023

Jan 19 (Fri) 2024

                    AM : 09:30 ~ 12:00

                    PM : 12:00 ~ 17:00

Jan 20 (Sat) 2023 | 10:00 ~ 12:00

Jan 20 (Sat) 2023 | 13:00 ~




Seminar (Forums)

Seoul, COEX


Award Ceremony

Eligibility to


○ Student Dept. (Invention paper) / General Dept.(Adults)

* Local and foreign students, leaders(authors of thesis etc.)

* Local and foreign professors and student (researchers)

Paper Field




○ Application : By E-mail

                            - (Please attach the thesis)

○ How to download the application form

     - Download from > ICPC

                       > Domestic exhibition > ICPC


○ Do not write over 5 pages (You can include the photos).

○ Presentation time within 10 minutes (Power point or poster)

 – within 5 minute of Q&A by each committee

Event Plan

< ICPC Event plan Download

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