2022 International Creative Papers Conference & Olympic



ICPC(International Creative Papers Conference)and Olympics is an international creative research paper contest. And also it is an international academic event held in cooperation with WIIPA(World Invention Intellectual Property Associations), KBCA(Korea Brain Cooperation Agency), KUIA(Korea University Invention Association), and domestic, foreign universities to find outstanding creative talent early.


The ICPC is the annual event which publishes and awards creative excellent theses(treatises about inventions etc.) that independently completed or worked with students, leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers in Asia. The main purpose of this event is to publish the paper by creative attendees who will play a pivotal role in science, technology, knowledge economy and lead the invention and patent industries. Also, we expect development of their learning ability and research capability.


In addition, global exchange from research paper(invention and patent) finished by 20 countries’ attendants can help the recognition of creative thoughts. The published papers will be included in the collected papers.

ICPC (International Creative Papers Conference) 는 국제창의논문학술발표대회로 WIIPA 세계창의지식재산총연맹, 한국브레인협력단과 한국대학발명협회 그리고 국내·외 대학과 공동으로 우수한 창의인재를 조기에 발굴하고자 개최하는 국제학술행사입니다.


ICPC는 아시아는 물론 세계석학(학생, 지도자, 기업인, 연구원)들과 단독 또는 공동으로 연구한 창의적인 우수한 논문(발명논문, 학술논문 등)을 발표, 시상하는 행사로서 매년 1회 실시하며 발명·특허산업을 이끌어갈 과학기술과 지식경제의 중추적 역할을 수행할 창의적인 인재들의 수준 높은 논문대회로 자율적인 연구논문을 분야별 발표함으로서 학습능력과 연구능력 그리고 융합 컨버젼스를 이끌어 가고자 합니다.


또한 세계 20개국이 참가하는 연구논문(발명특허)으로 글로벌 교류를 통한 창의적인 사고를 인식 시킬 수 있으며 발표된 논문을 논문집에 수록하며 연구실적을 부여합니다.


Academic Schedule (일정)

Announcement Contest

Document Application


Video Reception Period

A non-face-to-face paper video Review

Award Ceremony

Dec 06 (Mon) 2022

~ Feb 10 (Thur) 2022


~ Feb 15 (Tue) 2022

Feb 18 (Fri) 2022

Feb 25 (Fri) 2022




Please refer to WICO TV on Youtube

Seoul, Coex

Eligibility to


○ Student Dept. (Invention paper) / General Dept.(Adults)

* Local and foreign students, leaders(authors of thesis etc.)

* Local and foreign professors and student (researchers)

* Local and foreign entrepreneurs

* You can apply as individuals or groups.

Paper Field




○ Application : By E-mail

                            - 7935111@naver.com (Please attach the thesis)

○ How to download the application form

     - Download from www.wicokorea.com > ICPC

                                 www.invent21.com > Domestic exhibition > ICPC


○ Follow the ethical standard of publishing theses

○ Do not write over 5 pages (You can include the photos).

○ Presentation: The time will be limited as under 10 minutes using POWER POINT or posters

                           - Time for Q&A session will be under 5 mins.

Event Plan

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